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Filian: Rindo by Jingo Channel
Lil Fil: Mint by こまど
Kawaii/Chibi Filian: Mashu by Hamuketsu

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April 17, 2021



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Jul 18, 2021




Just Chatting - 3D - English - VTuber - DIYTuber - Fussybaby - Furry - Beanboy - Scaredycat - Slappy - pooptuber

* Filian has made it clear she is uncomfortable revealing her age, height, or country of origin. She believes these bits of information could dox her. She has shown discomfort in being asked about her sexual preferences, such as kinks/fetishes. So please do not pester her for this information even when she holds a Q&A.

Filian is a North American VTuber and Twitch streamer. She mainly streams in the 'Just Chatting' category. After debuting in 2021, she quickly became known for her flips, sussy flashbangs, and obsession with Welch's fruit snacks. She has ambitions of producing high-end entertainment, and to help her achieve that, she partnered with Mythic Talent. Together, they are hosting the first annual VTuber Awards.

Stream History

Before Filian had full body tracking, she wasn't the outgoing person that we know today. She was as shy online as she is in real life, and she didn't talk much, remaining predominantly mute in her online interactions. However, she made an effort to go even further beyond her comfort zone. One of her earliest friends she met on VRChat was Felixius, and they spent time together, goofing off and enjoying each other's company. While exploring VRChat, she kept encountering Lolathon. and through a series of chance encounters, she even had the opportunity to be featured in some of their videos. It was during this time that she truly experienced what content creation was all about, gaining an up-close view of the life of a prominent content creator.

Although she hadn't actually created a video until she met Aiderator kept her distracted while they finished up. As they were about to leave, Filian asked if she could come along, and ended up with a Mickey Mouse twerking on her. Aiderator friended her, and they made some videos together, such as Aiderator took her to the side to distract her. They chatted and got along well enough. After they finished and were about to leave Filian asked if she could come along, and ended up with a Mickey twerking on her. Aiderator friended her and they made some videos like 'VRChat Among Us And Chill Be Like.' It isn't one of her proudest moments, but as it was the first video she made, it's important to her.

Later, she wanted to join her friend Sumatto’s Minecraft server. He told her that if she wanted to join, she would have to stream. Having become more comfortable with content creation, and with a push from her friend -Bigboy she decided to go live. The most we know about her first stream is from this one clip, “Playing With Fire.” It appears that during her first stream, she just messed around in VRChat and did some dancing; even so, you can tell she was having fun. The next couple of streams were with her friend Sumatto on their Minecraft server. Filian quickly gathered several loyal viewers who demanded that she make a Discord server. So on April 11th, 2021, The Snacker HQ AKA Filcord{1}was born.

Filian started out as a standard faceless streamer until she had the bright idea to place a picture of her Mint Model in the bottom right corner of her stream. She stayed like that for a while until someone informed her that her 'Vtuber model' was broken. At the time, she didn't know what a Vtuber was and dived into research.

Sunday, May 30th, 2021: Filian Becomes A VTuber
After gaining a surface-level understanding of VTubers, she knew what she needed to do. She 'legally' ported her VRChat Model to a software called Luppet. Randomly, during one of her streams, she revealed the model, and ever since, she has been a VTuber, whether she liked it or not.

Everything was going great; she had friends supporting her and fans engaging. However, not everything can remain positive. A particular moment has stuck with her: she agreed when one of her friends suggested playing Fall Guys. While she had a decent time, it didn't meet her stream's standards. Filian takes pride in her work; she dedicates herself to streaming. So when he said, “You only streamed to like 10 people, who cares?” it truly hurt her and even ended the friendship. Yet, this ignited a fire within her to create the best possible content.

All of her hard work did pay off when she received her first raid of a few hundred people by Kendomurft. She was inundated by so many people who were all supportive and loving. The overwhelming support brought her to her knees, sobbing. It made everything she had gone through and all the effort she had put in worth it, even if she never went live again, she would have no regrets. This experience had a lasting effect on her, and she has since endeavored to make every stream one that she would proudly consider her last.

Filian announced that she was going to take a break for about a month. She was suffering from burnout, trying to juggle her normal streams with all the red tape involved in The Vtuber Awards. So, she took the time she needed to get things further into motion as well as relax and hang out with friends. With all the effort that she put into the streams, it was a very well-deserved break.

During this time, she flew down to Texas where she stayed at Mizkif’s house. She got the chance to live out most people's dreams of hanging out with their favorite content creators. She met Erobb, who playfully "slaughtered" her with a Nerf gun. She played beer pong with JimmyHere, while her drinks were virgin, much like her. She lifted weights with Lacari, got to hang out with Mizkif, CoreyTheGuy, Emiru, and Wojito, She dropped in on people's streams, , fight people IRL, and even made a public appearance at Dedo’s Funeral to pay her respects.

Her month-long break lasted about nine days because she is parasocial and missed the Snackers way too much. She revealed that she had been staying with Mizkif. Her first stream back was the long-awaited IRL cooking stream, where she cooked Rice Krispie cereal with butter and Fruit Snacks, which later became sentient and walked off-screen. She cooked mac and cheese in a rice cooker, seasoned it with steak rub, Fruit Snacks, and Erobb. It went about as well as you would expect. She cooked a steak, threw half of it away, yelled at CoreyTheGuy for helping, then added a half-uncut onion. Lastly, we saw the birth and death of a fan favorite, Nathasha the Pineapple. However, due to her discomfort with the IRL camera, she did not publish the VOD. So I won't try to source anything out of respect for her. Though, that means I can make up wild claims, like she tried to use a flamethrower to cook the steak, and no one can prove otherwise.

She proceeded to stay at Wojito’s house for her drunk driving stream. They graciously allowed Filian to use their racing setup. She realized how much she disliked being drunk during this experience. She also had her final Poker sponsorship where she FINALLY learned how to play the game; she didn't even lose a bounty once, which is surprising considering she was drunk. Then she casually mentioned that she was joining Mythic Talent. although it wasn't officially announced until May 1st, 2023

Despite the amazing opportunity and all the fun she was having, she was still in an unfamiliar place with people she didn’t know that well. She was under constant stress and anxiety, not to mention she had to be on guard at all times to avoid accidentally being on a stream. Everyone involved did seem very understanding and supportive of her situation.So, she wore what she dubbed the Vtuber Redactor. while staying with the others, ensuring that even if she got seen on stream, she would still be safe. However, no matter how kind or supportive a group of people is, a new environment will always be stressful. Following Mizkif's advice, she had been working out every other day in Esfand’s gym to relieve stress. One night, feeling the need to burn off some energy because she hadn't streamed in a few days, she went from Mizkif's house to Esfand’s house and asked to use his gym. However, when she entered, she was startled to see Lacari there "without prior notice or formal agreements," which is completely unacceptable and something Filian would never do. While the two were there,Lacari helped teach Filian how to properly work out. Though her HDMI kicked in, and she got bored halfway through, so she just started to dance.

Filian managed put together ab impromptu collab with Nihmune. It turns out that she was going to Weebcon, so she was also in Texas. Filian offered to fly her to Austin so that they could do an in-person stream. However, Numi is far too generous; she refused to take the money. She flew herself and Rainhoe out… Although she ended up drunkenly buying tickets for a week out, so she had to rebuy the tickets and is out $400. When Numi and Rainhoe arrived, Filian was still asleep, so they had to wait out there for 30 minutes. When introducing them to Mizkif, she just kind of gestured at them, and they didn’t know how to introduce themselves properly; it was awkward for everyone. Despite Filian telling Mizkif about who they were and even linking to their Twitch pages, no one really knew who they were and were surprised that they actually streamed. It may have started roughly, but they had an amazing time. Filian had wanted to do a workout stream with another person for a while, so for her, this was a dream come true. After her workout stream, she hung out with Nihmune and Rainhoe; they went to some arcades and parties. Finally being able to hang out with some Vtubers in real life was very refreshing for her

Filian gave everyone a week to send packages to Emiru's PO box. She received cat ears, a custom-named box of Fruit Snacks, which she immediately destroyed. In total, she received five packages of Fruit Snacks. She got three cool t-shirt, two letters from fans, a Tails head stress ball, Tedy Rick figure, Deez Nuts Candle named Gregory, who she ate and killed. She received a total of four candle, two cookbook, which she could have used a few streams ago. She got Scottish paraphernalia, Pacifiers, because she is a Fussy Baby, She got a Pineapple Coror, Flarp Putty, an erotica, Nuts, cheese making kit, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Wii remote, a pineapple plush she named 2tasha named after the late Natasha. TeeTurtle Tea, Lego Minecraft Set, Sonic shoes, a cat tail, a necklace, a ocarina, a Aspercreme that she put on her lips and immediately regretted, Paimon plush, a box full of Erobb's, wall patch, snacker sign, first aid kit, silver cross, buff AmongUs figure, and lastly a large cow plush. Though like with her cooking stream, she was uncomfortable with the IRL camera so she did not publish the vod. After the PO Box stream, she wasn't able to take everything home with her. She decided to hide them in Mizkif's house, where they remain. She plans to retrieve the items during her next visit.

She played a new game she designed; it's described as 'Two Truths and a Lie' on steroids. In this game, you give either two truths and one lie or one truth and two lies. Everyone goes around and tells one of the stories you claim is true. The participants are allowed to ask any sort of questions to try and figure out whether it is true or not, then they vote. This is repeated until everyone has told all of their stories. Then it is revealed which was true and which was a lie. You get a point for every one you guess correctly, and the person with the most points wins.

Everyone got together to celebrate Filian’s second anniversary. She felt like the first anniversary was lackluster, so she made sure to make this one very special. She looked through the clips of the last two years and had us rank which of the top three was the best, which took up most of the stream. After the last wholesome videos, she needed a palate cleanser of a Rekson roast. Then she looked at all of the creations that the Snackers had made for her anniversary. Though there were a few that the whole community worked together on, a collective drawings.

    Best Dance Moment:
  1. Filian Dances In Front of Numi & Rain IRL to Cake By The Ocean by DNCE
  2. Filian Dances To Wait a Minute! - WILLOW
  3. [Filian - VRChat] Dancing to The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
    Best Out Of Context Moment:
  1. Filian With Little Context
  2. A very concerning question by Fil
  3. Fili2n admits something
    Dumbest Idea Filian Moment:
  1. Why you don't want to be a parent
  2. Fillet did the thing
    Best Community Moment:
  1. Fili2n reached the $50k goal for AHA Charity Stream
  2. Filian Reacts to "Welcome to the filcord (Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet parody)"
  3. The Sounds of Hell
    The Best Chat Timing:
  1. Finland's grandma died from Leukemia
  2. S Tier Timing - Filian
  3. What's the grossest thing you've ever experienced
    Funniest YLYL Moment:
  1. That one friend that won't stop talking
  2. Spooderman "It's in my mouth!"
  3. WFarting on my roommates door (dramatized)
    Best Collab Moment:
  1. Layna Gets INSTANT KARMA Messing With Filian
  2. Mizkif beats up Filian LIVE on Stream
  3. what the filian doing
    Best TTS Moment:
  1. Very wholesome TTS, until this happened
  2. Genius TTS about the Pokemon playthrough
  3. Filian is in the VTuber's "brain damage" category
    Worst Rage Moment:
  1. pacifier for fussy baby filian
  2. Filian rages hard at Jump King + TTS just on time
  3. Old Chibi clip got her mad
    Best Jumpscare On Screen:
  1. The WORST Filian has ever been scared
  2. Wicked Steering + Lamonting
  3. Moist Cr1tikal jumpscare, Fil got sandbagged
    The Best Public Moment:
  1. What do Japanese people think about Filian?
  2. Jesus sent Fil to hell, for her transgressions
  3. The greatest VRChat duel ever
    Best Game Clutch Moment:
  1. Gilian smurfing in Beat Saber
  2. Filian vs. Snuffy - The end of the chaotic fight
  3. Nice play, Oh right, they also killed erobb
    The Best Clueless Moment:
  1. "It Was a Video Not Me!" - Filian Went To The Bathroom
  2. Filian ate some weird peanut butter…
  3. It will be fine
    The Best Unban Request Moments:
  1. Filian gets rickrolled by a ban request
  2. Please shout me out Filian my fish is dead!! | Unban requests
  3. "StarWars Kid's last adventure
    Wholesome Moments:
  1. Chat broke Filianst because of the support from her community
  2. very wholesome
  3. I actually cried

On this day Filian betrayed the Snackers and everything that she stood for. She chose to eat Mott's fruit snacks. How could she do this to us, to Welch's, and even to herself? Somehow we will move past this, we just need time to heal.

For the first time EVER, Filian was actually early to a stream—early by twenty-five minutes, to be exact. This caused chat to panic and wonder if Gilian had kidnapped Filian and was trying to replace her. However, she had set up a timer ticking down to the start of the interview as she prepped everything. Filian maintained incredible professionalism throughout the entire session. She didn't make a single 'deez nuts' joke or a 'your mom' joke. However, at the end, she did try to fight the CEO before getting KO’ed.

Despite this, Filian was well-prepared, dividing the interview into three broad topics: Twitch's Growth, Monetization, and Discoverability on Twitch itself. The bulk of the conversations and questions culminated in the idea that Twitch is designed to bring together communities, whereas other platforms are designed to have you consume as much content as possible. Twitch encourages you to focus on a few creators. You aren't there for the vod; you are there for the person. This fosters the growth of a community.

All in all, Dan Clancy felt and looked like a normal guy, very approachable. He didn’t give off the classic air of superiority that you would expect from a CEO. He is just a guy who happens to be a CEO and spends his time with his kids and streams himself, where he sings a lot.

After the interview, she had an announcement for everyone. She showed a clip revealing the first annual Vtuber Awards, scheduled for December 2023.

Filian hosted a meet and greet event. Since this event was not recorded, there isn't much information available about what transpired. However, thanks to Lordkerberos, Speedhunter020, and Kylemsguy, who shared their experiences and provided a few pictures, some details are known.

Filian was assigned her own room. to meet her fans, with each fan having around 60 seconds to interact with her. Typically, she would begin most with a deez nuts joke, followed by a brief conversation. Afterward, she used an electronic signing device to provide fans with autograph. Overall, it seemed to be a fairly standard meet and greet.

Filian started the stream off painting with Layna. But Filian had to be at the OffKai Expo on time! So she abandoned Layna Joining the Offkai call. Filian was expecting to be beamed in on some device where she would be walked around and she could hassle the people there. Though what actually happened was they gave her a whole room to herself full of her fans. Which she was not expecting at all. So after joining the call for the OffKai Expo and spending some time being scuffed things eventually kicked off. One of her life's goals by having a irl crowded of people cheer when she did a flip, she found the one female snacker, challenged people to handstand competitions, she even serenaded us with her finest singing. The only bad thing to happen was when a Cooksie impersonator showed up and trickedFilian, but it's okay he got kicked out.

Unlike her other dating shows, this one had only six participants: Drumsy, Erina Makina, Fefe, MotherV3, & Nihmune couldn't be there. So Filina got Neko. as a last-minute substitution. Finally, we had the lovely Mystery Guest Rob, who used a nuro-sama model and voice changer.

Unlike most of the dating shows Filian does, there is no elimination in this one. Instead, Filian will give them a prompt or question, and each participant will provide the best response they can. The mystery date then selects someone and asks them a question to help identify their identity. That person can then choose the next topic from a list of pre-approved questions. The process continues for several rounds.

When Filian decides there have been enough rounds, the mystery date chooses the person they like the most. This individual must then guess the identity of the mystery date. Only if they guess correctly do they win and get to date the mystery guest.

It is based on the TV show America's Got Talent. However, due to time constraints, there was only one round where the winner takes all, and the prize was $300. Contestants could perform any talent they wanted to impress the judges, who consisted of Shylilly, Lana Lazar, and Filian. However, due to Filian's lack of faith in Shy Lilly , she quickly recruited Snuffy to fill her spot, making it four judges when Shylilly did show up.. Despite this unexpected change, they managed to work through it.

Title:"🍒YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! If I laugh, I eat a Scorpion. When people doubt how far you can go, twerk so hard you can’t hear them anymore✔️": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍊 MEETING @SNUFFY FOR THE FIRST TIME. Then Vtuber Moments tier list. Ranking the most EMBARRASSING Vtuber moments ever (pls not my clips)": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍊 VTUBERS GOT TALENT today w/ @Snuffy & @LaynaLazar! Our judges will be witnessing the greatest Vtubing talent has to offer! Production Va"
"🍊 VTUBERS GOT TALENT today w/ @Snuffy & @LaynaLazar & @Shylily! Our judges will be witnessing the greatest Vtubing talent!": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍋 YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! If I laugh, I eat a Scorpion. This time not laughing is truly a matter of life and death. Squid game is real✔️"
"I AM BECOME SPEED, DESTROYER OF WORLDS. I ate all the fruit snacks, so now we're breaking landspeed records and playing Sonic! #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍋 DATING ADVICE with @HenyaTheGenius today! We combined our powers to become FilTheDoctorDayo! Let's hope Henya has good advice b/c I'm a v"
"Vtuber tries to FRICK YOU and I'm on the second floor": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍎 2 Million Subscriber Celebration! Today we're doing the 50/50 Challenge! Half cursed content, half wholesome! We'll see what we get!": Vod: Stats

Title:"👻HORROR NIGHT w/ @LaynaLazar!👻 If I scream 9 times, I elbow drop my table! How scary is too scary? Let me ask Spooky-Doo. He says 'ruh R34'"
"Checking out NARAKA with @mizkif and @cyr. Now free to play on ALL platforms. !naraka #ad": Vod: Stats

Title:"🦂 YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! Eating a Scorpion today. This is it. After 10 laughs it's guaranteed no matter what. Wait I hear something beh": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍇 Sykkuno and I are battling to see who has the higher IQ! Price Is Right, Connect 4, Battleship, and more! Loser goes on the Titanic su": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍇 GUESS THE FAKE VTUBER today! New idea! I'm bringing Vtubers on and we're judging them with extreme prejudice! Respectfully ofc.Also illeg"
"[DROPS] RETURNING TO HONKAI! I get Blade or bust. If I fail I rip my PC in half. THIS TIME IT'S SERIOUS. #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍇 DRUNK VTUBER CONNECT 4 TOURNAMENT today! w/ @Rainhoe, @Camila, and more! HOLY MOLY, FIRST MERCH IS LIVE. IM FREAKING OUT !cup <--- aaaaaa": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍇 YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! I think it's finally time I admit it... I'm bad at not laughing. Pft. Ta ha. AHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING I NEVER LAU": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍒 GIRLS NIGHT today! With @ProjektMelody and @Saruei! Who Tweeted That, Dating Advice, and VRChat antics! What's the opposite of Up? Pu. gg": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍋 Exodia Punishment stream today! With @Snuffy later! Hot tubs are sick! Frick! Aliens are real! Lumfao! I'm in the MSG Ball! Help! Wubba L": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍋 YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE today! How much chuck could a chuck chuck chuck if a chuck chuck could chuck Chuck Norris? At least pineapple. ON PIZZ"
"Call me Senpai cuz today we're collecting anime girls in Blue Archive! This is basically how Vtubers make friends! #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍑 TWITCH PLAYS FILIAN. Today you can click anything on my screen. Anything? *whispers under breath* Anything. Even yourself. AAA SUDABWENYA": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian tested out a Twitch extension, Smart Click Maps, that lets chat click on the screen, and it will show on the stream. Using this, Chat guided Filian through her computer.

Title:"🦷 WISDOM TEETH REMOVED 2 HRS AGO. HANGING W/ @COTTONTAILVA! Loopier than Looper. More doped up than doppenheimer. Pls keep me company ;-;": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian was under the effects of very strong drugs after her surgery, such as ibuprofen, antibiotics, and Xanax. Several times throughout the stream, her manager DMed her on Discord, advising her not to stream due to her current condition. She did not listen and actively disregarded his advice on stream. It appears that this incident was a breaking point, as he appeared to have quit because of it.

Title:"🍌Meeting Evil Neuro for the first time! Wisdom teeth got removed 2 days ago. On painkillers still & loopy, pls be patient🦷 !hellofresh"
"🍌Meeting Evil Neuro for the first time! Wisdom teeth got removed 2 days ago. On painkillers still & loopy, pls be patient🦷 !hellofresh #ad": Vod: Stats

Title:"🥝 YOU LAUGH, YOU LOOP today! Wisdom teeth got removed 3 days ago.🦷 Still medicated, but should be back to normal soon! Pls be patient ;-;": Vod: Stats


"[DROPS] Tower of Fantasy 1st Anniversary! I'm getting an all-expense-free tour of ToF. Wait where is my Uber driver taking me? #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍈 IF I DON'T ANSWER A QUESTION, STREAM ENDS. Reviewing Loopy Filian clips too! Gamers we be gaming. Lions we be taming. Hearts are blazing!": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍈 YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE today! We in and out, quick as robbing a bank, which I'd never do haha-Anyway who wants to eat snacks?"
"🍈 YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE today! We in and out, quick as robbing a bank, which I'd never do haha-Anyway who wants to eat snacks? !hellofresh #ad": Vod: Stats

"🍓 1V1 MONEY MATCH AGAINST @chibidoki 💀": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍓 MEETING @PIPPA today! 👁️⃤ 🪬 We're deep diving into conspiracy theories! Are aliens real? Is the Illuminati real? Am I real? E 🧿⃤ 𓁹 ⃤": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍇 TRY NOT TO CRINGE CHALLENGE today! Unlimited Cringeeeeeeeeeeeeee! We're going in DEEP. 🐬🐬 If you watch my stream you won't have a probl": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍌 YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! If I laugh, I attempt to unicycle and juggle at the same time. This is my circus application. Doot doot doot!"
Call me Senpai cuz today we're collecting anime girls in Blue Archive! This is basically how Vtubers make friends!, round 2! #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title: "👻HORROR NIGHT w/ @LaynaLazar!😱 VISAGE + SCARY VIDS. Cat Girls be screaming, the bells be ringing, all is right in the land of Kahtkazannnn": Vod: Stats

Title: "🥝[COTTONTAIL HANDCAM] LEGO ASSEMBLY OF DESTRUCTION w/ @CottonTailVA! Said 2-8 years but it only took me 3 months! A little unda da weatha ⛅": Vod: Stats

Title: "🥝VTUBER SPEED DATING IS BACK! Can Vtubers find love in 2 minutes? Also Reddit Review! Two course slam-o-rama baby! What's up? No I'm left L": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍒YOU LAUGH, YOU WAX today! Literally waxing myself if I laugh. Time to shed my winter coat.. FOR VALHALLAAAAAAAAA! I am become Rufus, destr"
"🍒Exploring Mabinogi! THEY PUT ME IN THE GAME. IM ANIME FILIAN #sponsored": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍏 HANGING W/ @NIHMUNE. DATING ADVICE + VARIETY. THEN WATCHING STREAMY AWARDS. If I don't win either nomination I do a Maid Gilian stream on":
"🍏 HANGING W/ @NIHMUNE. DATING ADVICE + VARIETY. THEN WATCHING STREAMY AWARDS. If I don't win either nomination I do a Maid Gilian stream on": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍏My first stream! I love long walks on the beach, basking in the moonlight. Bit romantic, but still a tough guy. Anyway thanks for coming t": Vod: Stats

Title: "🥝 DANCE BATTLE VS @CAMILA. Loser gets sent on a plane to the Bermuda Triangle. What the frick is Subtember anyway, like is this a scam or w": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍓YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! If I laugh, I take Laxatives on Monday. Or ride a Unicycle! The possibilities are truly endless! Or are they?"": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍓STREAM ENDS WHEN THE LAXATIVES WIN. Playing scary games, so might literally get the sh👻t scared out of me. Hanging w/ Henya on Wednesday!"": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍓 I LIVED. Geoguessing with @Sinder! Did you know chocolate icecream comes from brown cows? Mel and Layna Girls Night Friday! Henya Monday!": Vod: Stats

Title:"🍇GIRLS NIGHT w/ @ProjektMelody and @LaynaLazar today! Sugar, spice, and everything nice! But Professor X added a special ingredient: Horror"
"🍇GIRLS NIGHT w/ @ProjektMelody today! Sugar, spice, and everything nice! But Professor X added a special ingredient: Horror": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian announced that in october she and her friends are going to do a stream in a motion capture studio.

Title:"🍇MAID GILIAN YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE today! The day is finally upon us! Gilian is becoming kawaii. After, I'm moving to Hawaii, see you guys soo": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian's stream crashed again. She decided she would go ahead and buy a new computer instead of waiting for Mythic to close the deal with Sarforged. So, until the new computer arrived, she would not be able to stream after Monday's collaboration.
  • Filian got a shout out by PewDiePie.

Title: "👻3D HORROR NIGHT W/ @HENYATHEGENIUS. We're meeting up virtually and busting ghosts, but also messing around! I won't scream; I'm a VR pro d": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian managed to make it through the whole stream without crashing due to changes she made to her setup. With her setup potentially working now, she canceled her forced vacation.

Title: "🍎SUS EYE-TRACKER CHALLENGE today! If I look it's because my PC crashed. If my PC crashes it's because I'm cringe. If I'm cringe it's becaus": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian's stream crashed, so she decided not to stream until she got her new computer.

Title: "🍎MAID GILIAN YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE today! New PC is here!! This time it's serious. Also eating the worlds hottest chocolate, LOL help I can't": Vod: Stats

Title: "🍋VISAGE HORROR w/ @LaynaLazar! If I scream 9 times I quit streaming. Heart rate monitor included! Wednesday hanging with Tricky! Story time": Vod: Stats

    Notable Events:
  • Filian anouced that she has purchased VR gloves that will track her fingers.

Behind The Scenes

Filian Can't Catch A Break
When she received her prebuilt PC, the 3090 didn't work, so the company had to send her another one. She broke that one while trying to install it, so she informed them that the replacement also didn't work, leading them to send her yet another unit. Unfortunately, the third one broke during a flight, and once again, she convinced them to send her another replacement. However, the blame for this last mishap lay entirely with Filian. She went to visit some friends in real life for an entire week and brought her PC in a box to continue streaming. Everything went smoothly until her return trip. Her friend had a maid who cleaned their house periodically. Mistaking the foam used to protect the inside of her PC during travel for trash, the foam was discarded, though Filian didn't realize this until the final day of her visit. She rummaged through the trash in an attempt to locate it but was unsuccessful. Recognizing that it was lost forever and faced with an upcoming flight, she decided that the next best option was to stuff her bra into the computer for protection. This did not work, the bra was too small to protect anything.

Femboys, Eh?
Filian had become mutuals with Big Tugg{1} and while scrolling through TikTok, she accidentally sent him a video of femboys twerking. His only response was essentially, “Femboys, eh?”

The Echo Chamber
In her old apartment, it was located right next to the road. Due to the positioning of the houses, whenever a truck drove by, the sound would be amplified. Consequently, every trash day she would be jolted awake from a deep sleep in a panic.

Opening Song
The opening song for most of her streams is BUBBLE TEA by Dark Cat. Filian first heard this song while watching a League of Legends streamer named Vicksy, who always had 'Bubble Tea' at the top of their stream playlist. After hearing the song enough times, Filian liked it enough and added 'Bubble Tea' to the start of her streams, eventually forgetting about it.

TJ Sound Alert
The TJ sound alert is one of her oldest. It was created when they were playing a game of marbles. Her mod, TJ, was in the lead when they fell off the track and died, and she screamed their name. The resulting sound is something she still can't replicate.

Degen Night
During Degen Night, Filian would chase after clout. If nobody had any clout, she would leave. At one point, she saw LaynaLazar getting a lap dance and asked for a collaboration, which ruined the mood, though it did result in the development of a strong friendship between the two Vtubers.

Moving Mishaps
During Filian's recent move to her new apartment, she was carrying a large box filled with clothes. Unfortunately, it ripped open, and all her clothes got covered in mud.

Lil Fil

Special Camp Incident
Filian had to do so many hours of community service in order to graduate. So she was invited to a summer camp for special needs kids as a councilor. There was one rule that you couldn't say the R word. Like many kids her age, who were young and dumb, used the word in every other sentence. While she was here she did her very best to never say the word. One evening while she was getting the kids ready for bed. One kid refused to settle down, running, and throwing a football. Something that Filian doesn't remember happened, (I assume the kid did something dangerous with the football) she responded with. “That was r*******.” As soon as the words left her lips the reality of what she said hit. Having accidently used that word in a derogatory manner, shook her so badly she cried herself to sleep. The kid didn't even notice and just kept running around. She was mortified the rest of her time there and it continues to haunt her to this day.

The Frogie
When Filian was a child, her grandmother had a very large backyard. So, Filian would regularly bring animals into her grandmother's house to show her. She caught a grasshopper and showed it to her grandma, but it didn't quite satisfy her. She then went back outside and caught a frog. When she showed her grandma, the frog leaped right into her grandma's mouth. After that, she couldn't bring animals into the house ever again. More recently, TikTok has been suggesting videos of a girl catching frogs in her backyard. It seems not much has changed.

When Filian was young, her family was throwing a pool party. Filian wanted to jump in the pool, so she went to do a cannonball. Mid air a kid decides to swim right under where she was going to land. Unable to stop, she obliterated the small child. The kid cried and Filian got in trouble and was sent to her room. She was upset and frustrated, so she vented her frustrations the way teens do when they are left alone. She was having the time of her life when her uncle knocked on her door. He just opened the door and started telling her that she can come back out and that no one is upset with her anymore. He went in and sat on the bed next to her, she only had a thin bed sheet covering herself. She was just desperately trying to get him to leave. He eventually did and she asked him to close the door on the way out which he did not.

Filian was playing kickball. Someone kicked the ball exceptionally far. Filian being her athletic self was sure she could catch it. She sprinted as fast as she could and ran to catch the ball. She was so focused on the ball that she didn't notice anything else around her, and ran full speed into a parked car. Everyone laughed at her and she claimed it was the most embarrassed she has ever been.

Cheese Experiment
When she was a child, she wanted to understand how cheese was made, so she ran an experiment. She filled a glass with milk and simply left it in a cabinet under the sink for months. After about three weeks, she checked on it and had the urge to take a bite, but the smell was so bad that she refrained. Eventually, her parents discovered the milk cup, and she got into trouble.

Pine Friend
When she was a child, every time she found two pine needles connected at the base, she would hold each needle in her hand and spin them around as if they were her child.

In Memory Of Dole The Beta Fish
During her college years, Filian had a cherished betta fish. She lovingly named him Dole, inspired by the Dole Bananas with which she adorned his tank. She did a lot of research to ensure he led a healthy life, providing a proper tank, keeping it clean, and offering enrichment. However, she didn't know that betta fish could jump, so she never bought a cover for the tank. Sadly, she found his dried corpse on the ground one day. Rest in peace, Dole; you will be missed.

Dream Job
When Filian was a child, she had always dreamt of being a movie actress, a stunt double, or even an anime voice actress. However, she eventually developed a more practical dream job. Her fascination with bugs led her to aspire to become an Orkin woman, without knowing what an exterminator really was. She envisioned spending her days interacting with insects. Discovering the truth was disappointing, which led her aim for on a more reasonable dream, such as a pathologist to study bacteria. Instead, she ended up becoming an anime girl who does flips and entertains large audiences. Long story short, don't give up on your dreams; you never know what will end up happening.

Beloved Sapling
She convinced her parents to purchase a tree sapling. She loved it and diligently cared for it, ensuring it received plenty sunlight and watering it daily. She even named it Yuki, after Naruto's plant. However, when she had to attend a two-week camp, she asked her parents to water the plant. Unfortunately, they never watered the sapling even once, and by the time she returned, it had withered away.

Filian Got Pistachios Banned
Back in middle school, kids would rub the shell of a pistachio on the ground, causing the shell to become superheated. They would then touch it to someone and burn them. Filian, in her infinite wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to show a teacher and burned her own forehead. Pistachios were subsequently banned, and Filian never admitted to anyone that it was her fault.

Making Friends!
When Filian was a kid, she would go around knocking on random people's doors, asking if they had kids with whom she could be friends. It's a wonder she is still alive.

Favorite Comedian
Bill Cosby was Filian's favorite comedian when she was young, before it was known what he did. She even sent him a letter telling him he was so cool, and his assistant sent one back saying how he was cool.



Animes Filian likes: No Game No Life, Attack On Titan, Angel Beats, SAO, Madoka Magica, Kill la Kill, Redo of Healer, Made in Abyss, Elfen Lied, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Overlord, Future Diary. Filian really likes psychological horror, the kind that messes you up. Though above all her favorite anime by far is Death Note. she always references it: “I’ll take a potato chip and EAT IT!!!” “This is my perfect victory!” She loves to monologue w ith the L theme song playing. Her least favorite anime is Kings Game, described as so bad that it's funny. Inuyasha was the first anime that Filian ever saw. She then confused it with Naruto and watched Naruto instead. So in the end, the first anime she watched was Naruto. In fact, she got so engrossed with Naruto that she believed, when she turned 14, that she was going to become a Chunin warrior.She ended up falling in love with anime and has been watching it ever since.

Video Games

Recently she has become obsessed with the Diablo series, playing Diablo 4 the moment it was released. Other games she plays include Clash Royale, the Pokemon series, Souls series, and Elden Ring. Filian is really competitive, so she likes to play PVP games. For her to play PVE, the world has to be challenging enough, so she places them on hard difficulty. The only exception is when she wants to enjoy the story.

FIlain has been known to play a lot of MMORPG’s such as World of warcraft, she has sunk a lot of time into the game. But was unable to get to max level in WOW until she paid 120$ to get there. But by far her favorite game is Leage of legands having put 1300 hours into the game. Though due to the way she streams the game has has put the most time into is VRChat with over 3000 hours played.

Reality TV

Filian likes to watch reality TV shows like BattleBots, dating shows, and Ultimate Ninja Warrior.


The first movie that comes to mind whenever she is asked is "Interstellar." However, she also likes several other movies such as "Avatar," "Ready Player One," "Alita: Battle Angel," "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist," and the "Star Wars" series.



I'm a coconut - True - CHAAAAT! - COME ON CHAT!! - WHAAAAAA!!! - HEYYYYYYY!!!! - *Inhuman Noises* - Let's watch this junk - Sick Nasty - Mothertrucker - Okay alright - Dun dun-dun dun - I have STD’s - Peace out girl scouts - No laughing - The possibilities are truly endless - Frick - Fit Deez nuts in your mouth - You know what sushi’s another word for - ...Your mom last night - Andrew Tate - *Dabs* - Weedeater - Booty - Hit the Yoinky Sploinky - Im in your walls - Im on drugs - Quirked up - Parasocial - The worst she can say is no - Holy Moly - BLALALALALALALALALALALALALA - something, something Anakin and the younglings - I have the high ground - Obama’s last name - SHEEEEEEEEESH - God dang - Something something Alabama - is/wasn't the play - Valid - KappaPride - No cap on a stack - Keep it 100 - Go even further beyond - Wazam Wabam - You can't spell Filian without L - Bazinga - Gamer Moment - sicha-ma-wayshun - Slappy - Jover - Very Cool - procrasterbating.

Filian Wisdom




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